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will begin to look at the battleground state of virginia today with the university of virginia center for politics director. he will join us from charlottesville. after that, if a member of the virginia house of delegates and a mitt romney co-chair for virginia. and the virginia democratic party chairman brian moran will join us from loudoun county, ground zero for the state of virginia in this presidential election. first, this update from c-span radio. >> its 8:33 a.m. eastern. an update on new york city following sandy. some of the subways are rolling again. and a train pulled out of penn station three days after the tunnels were flooded. the chairman says 14 of the city's 23 subway lines will be operating today. none of the trains will be going into lower manhattan. it is still dealing with a massive black out. the subways usually carry 5.2 million passengers a day. experts and shoreline advocates a new jersey should consider protection of coastal areas as a massive -- major part of any plan to rebuild areas ruined by hurricane sandy. they say redevelopment plans should include re
at a rally in virginia. by beginning at 10:35 eastern tonight on c-span. now, the final virginia senate debate. former virginia governors and square off in one of the closest rates in -- races in the country. courtesy of wsls tv in, west virginia. >> welcome, everyone, to the last debate of this virginia campaign. i am coming to you live from the beautiful campus in virginia. ♪ [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] ♪ >> again, good evening. i am jay warren, your monitor for tonight's debate. joining me also has to be the chairman of virginia tech, and a professor here. behind us is a very lively and enthusiastic southwest virginia crowd filling the theater. we welcome them and we welcome all of you. not only across all of southwest virginia and the commonwealth, but coming to you nationwide on c-span. tonight is your opportunity to hear directly from the candidates, unfiltered and unedited. it is our hope that this will be a lively hour. one that will explore new ground and forces the candidates t
and has reached a new level. >> welcome to our battleground virginia special. the next five days will be available to the candidate. president obama started in nevada. he picked up a big endorsement from new york mayor michael bloomberg. he will be back with bill clinton and musician dave matthews on saturday. >> mitt romney spent his day i wrote -- in roanoke. ending in virginia beach. showing just how important to virginia's to winning the war. >> their schedules are intense. >> you can see why. a policy poll shows president obama leading. with the margin of error and undecided voters, it is a statistical tie. >> we what is at stake in virginia. the team fighting to win the stage again. >> the president ended his campaign in virginia and kicks off this campaign. it is where he takes his wife for ballantine's -- valentine's. you have the city behind me. >> are you fired up? are you ready to go? >> the chant is the same. >> four more years! >> how do you accomplish that? aside from constant visits. we have had 20 since june. dance with the one who brought you, an age old adage.
and a few glitches. but now, the results are pouring in by the minute from d.c. to maryland to virginia. our live team coverage starts right now. >>> thanks for joining us on this election night, i'm brian bolter. >> i'm sean nancy. >> we're going to take the national vote. mitt romney has 50% of the vote, barack obama 48% of the vote. none of that really matters though, because as you well know, it all comes down to the electoral college and that magic number, 270, which we're going to talk about extensively. >> virginia is a key battleground state. you can see right now. with 73% of the precincts reporting, still a very close race. >> democrat congressman senator jim web is vacating. it's been like this all night. 73% of the presents reporting george allen slightly in the lead over tim kaine. we're watching those northern virginia counties being countedment we know a lot of those will probably end up in tim kaine's column. >> let's move over to maryland now, where ben cardin is easily winning reelection tonight. also tonight, you can see he won handily there, 58% of the vote to 25% of the
about keeping virginia in their column. a surprise stop at a field office and a round of applause. the president soliciting votes personally. in our exclusive interview, we talked about the contentious town of the race. >> do you regret the town of this campaign? >> given how different our approaches are it is not surprising. >> the president and his team say new numbers mean confidence, but how much? >> david axelrod that his mustache that you wall would win minnesota michigan, and pennsylvania. >> this comes down to those viewers who have not yet voted deciding to go to the polls. >> campaign sources says when it comes to virginia, they're encouraged by long lines in northern virginia and richmond. in a race so tight mistakes they hope are not too costly. >> would you do something differently? >> i should've probably had a few more cups of coffee before the first debate. >> i want to explain a little bit further. today, the president played basketball. 2008, he did not follow his election day tradition of playing basketball. in new hampshire, that day he loses to hillary clinton
lection night in america as you decide 2012 and the first polls have just closed in virginia. one of the most important battleground states of the night. now we're watching the race for the white house and the fight for control of congress. tonight minute by minute results and live reports if our correspondents across the nation on fox america's election headquarters. >> we've aired thousands of political ads, traveled tens of thousands of campaign miles and spent hundreds of millions of dollars and now election night is here. and by the time it's over, we should know who will lead our country for the next four years. tonight you decide 2012. and welcome to "fox news" election headquarters in new york. i'm shepherd smith. it is 7:00 on the east coast which means the polls have just closed in six states including the all-important virginia. one of the crucial battleground states that could decide this election. right now the "fox news" decision team has decided that the race in the state of virginia is way too close to call. too close to project, too close a winner.about it's too c
virginia. >> i helped turn few might -- my state from deaf tight to surplus. >> after months and months of campaigning and debates, commercials, it comes down to tomorrow. you're watching the news edge, you decide 2012. our coverage starts now. thank you for joining us, everyone. i'm brian bolter. tonight, president obama and republican nominee mitt romney are making  . >> obama can offer and this is not the best america can have. tomorrow, we will fix this and get us back in the right track. >> less than 24 hours now to decide who will occupy the white house for the next four years. today is on the trail, november 5th, 2012. >> we want to thank you for sticking with us through that. we want to bring in right now fox 5 political analyst mark. we want to look at the brand now "washington post"/abc news poll just out in the last hour and what do you make out of this and is there anything to be gained from the national poll? >> they showing him even or down and since sandy, there is a momentum. he has a chance to act presidential and in the national polls. he seems to
cuts, including cutting my salary while my opponent was increasing him and most virginia ns want people in the senate who will be able to make tough decisions. >> reporter: governor allen has tried to portray your connection with president obama as a bad thing. you, of course, are doing the opposite. how do you think that's going to play out in how virginia virginia goes in the presidential election? >> virginia is not a state that says it's bad to partner with the president. so my first three years, i partnered with president bush. i worked with him on a lot of key projects. >> no surprises. >> reporter: of course, in 2008, virginia went for barack obama, the first time since 1964 that virginia voted for a democrat for the president. now, tim kaine, of course, is hoping that happens again but the kaine campaign also acknowledges that there are some romney voters and independents who will be voting for kaine as well. now we're going to head over to the george allen headquarters where my colleague andrea mccarron takes over. andrea, what's going on over there? >> reporter: i am with s
. other swing states today. new hampshire and virginia. voters lined up in many polling places. wisconsin, snow on election day. this was cleveland airport at midday. mitt romney's plane, paul ryan's and nearby, vice president biden's plane. they were all in ohio. romney and ryan headed to a volunteer center. stopping in a wendy's. >> hey, judy, this is mitt romney. how are you? >> reporter: biden, too, stopped in a restaurant. just a few more hours and they get the first returns. >>> we have more live team coverage in virginia and across the entire d.c. area. it has been a busy day. the northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is live in richmond and tonight all eyes are on the battleground states. julie? >> reporter: well, especially virginia. virginia is considered the state to watch because the polls close at 7:00 so we'll start getting an earlier idea what's happening in the presidential could be he is the. and because it simply could that be a tighter race here. mitt romney and barack obama dead locked in nearly all the polls leading up to election day. whomever wins northern virg
battleground states, including virginia key to the outcome. 270 is the magic number. who will it be? president obama? >> we feel confident we have the votes to win. >> mitt romney. >> this is a big day for big change. >> the world is watching and waiting. this is the news edge you decide 2012, our live coverage starts now. thanks for joining us tonight on the special edition of the news edge. the polls will close in 30 minutes in virginia, maryland, and d.c. at 8:00 p.m. we'll go live to polling places in just a moment. first, the race for the white house. tom fitzgerald has been tracking the candidates and joins us live. tom? >> reporter: today was a day on, not a day off for mitt romney as the republican ticket continued to campaign in the battlegrounds of ohio and neighboring states. president obama concluded his last campaign event last night, what was back out making phone calls and meeting with volunteers as is an election headquarters today. we begin this election night in chicago illinois, where president obama arrived last night and today made a surprise appearance at a hyde park fiel
. >> craig: we better rethink this game. >> joel: what a game. this place is electric. west virginia really starting to believe in themselves. that's something dana holgorsen said that had left this team the last four games. the four-game losing streak, first four-game losing streak since 2001 here in morgantown. right now they believe they can win this game. you can tell. the confidence right now from west virginia is palpable at home. >> craig: west virginia has not lost five in a row since 1986. they kick away. that ball pops out. clay recovered it at the 21 yard line. >> joel: there was some confusion about what happened on the penalties. i want you to watch up here on the sidelines for oklahoma. a bystander, the official is going to be running, jogging with the play, and gets knocked over. both of them hit the ground. that's what the infraction was. and what moved the ball all the way down inside the 10 yard line. he was only a couple yards off the sidelines. you got to be all the way back off that white, all the way back behind the line so the officials can roam and do their job. that
in virginia. you can see in the u.s. senate race, tim kaine is being declared the winner there in virginia over his republican challenger george allen. we'll have a live report from both camps coming up. >> the latest numbers you can see there. 55% of the votes. >> let's talk about president obama and mitt romney. one number on their minds tonight. that is the magic number, 270. that is how many electoral votes they need to win the presidency. >> it is still either candidates race tonight. >> reporter: this night, where we see tim kaine now coming up on top in virginia, we still do not have an answer in virginia, but you know, mark, you and i have been on the phones recently. we've got some information about the situation with this extended vote we're hearing about. we're hearing prince william county is the place where people are still waiting to vote. we're going to first throw it to tim kaine's camp in richmond. >> reporter: what we're looking at here, obviously, this is the richmond headquarters of the tim kaine senatorial campaign. tim kaine has really been at the waist with barack ob
brad woodall will be looking at as they try to gauge the outcome, the first focus is on virginia and florida. >> the northern virginia area and virginia, i mention those states because they are the first to have closed on the east coast in terms of the battleground states. we will look at those areas where the president's numbers should be high in hoping that they actually are. >>> specifically woodall says the campaign will be looking the early numbers in minorities, that could be a gauge for the night ahead. coming up, we will talk to the top democratic leader in the state of california who's attending tonight's event. that's attorney general harris in chicago. ken prichard, channel 2 news. >>> getting results from back east. ken and heather are watching those with the latest returns. >> we have fight -- five states that brings mitt romney 3 electoral votes. indiana went to president obama four years but not this time, mitt romney has been declared the winner of indiana, 55 to 45%. take a look at kentucky, another win for mitt romney, 59 to 41%. again, no surprises here. these
that the polls in virginia have closed at 7:00. nobody is calling that. nobody is projecting that because it is expected to be very close. what are the obama people -- if you've been able to talk to them why do they think they still have a shot in virginia when the romney people have been expressing so much confidence about it? >> suarez: one interesting thing about their take on virginia is the consistency of the narrative. even during a week to ten days ago when some people were saying that romney was ahead by a little but it was still ahead, they were confidently and steadily ying the same thing about their confidence in their ground game that they were going to intain what they felt was already a lead in virginia all the way through thet closing of the polls. now we've got to wait for some actual numbers to start putting some meat on their bones, whether in fact their numbers were telling them the truth, whether in fact that confidence was justifie >> ifill: ray, you hang in there in chicago tonight. we'll be checking in with you of many different occasions as the night goes on. hopef
's adam tuss in battleground virginia. he joins us live. the lines have been long today. >> reporter: here at this polling place, the line has been about two and a half to three hours long all day. right now, it is moving. that's the good news. it still stretches down the hill and then has to go into the building. waiting to be a part of history. some in the cold shade dance a jig to stay warm keeping the feet moving. once inside the door, greeted by reality again. the line here snaking around corners. twisting and turning before the finish line finally in sight. >> it has been long, a big wait. i've had to cancel two meetings for work so far. i may even spend up spending a vacation day just to vote today. >> for those who can't wait that long, a chance to rest until their partner waiting in line gets close. some saying there should be more help on hand but most taking it in stride. big crowds and long lines. the norm at other locations in northern virginia. at this gym in arlington, happy to have made the mark. >> it is a long time. i'm going to think about early voting next time. m
-state tuition to some undocumented students. >> that's right, in virginia, all eyes are on a hotly contested senate race there. we know two former governor, democrat tim kaine and george allen are battling for the seat vacated by democratic senator jim webb. the outcome could determine whether democrats keep the narrow majority in the senate. >> and in the district, the residents are casting their votes for six, count them six council seats a lot there, including the council chairman and the race getting the most attention is for the two at- large seats in the council. incumbents michael brown and vincent orange are facing challenges, five, in fact, and other candidates for the two spots. >> nationally, all eyes are on the presidential race. tom, let's talk about the state's that are going to be key in this battle as we get right down here to the final votes. >> we don't have to go far. virginia. >> virginia. yes. >> you look at what has gone on the last few years, when you say battleground states what you need to have. in 2,000 it was florida, four years ago, ohio and this year, ohio is goi
. >> the president picked up many battlegrounds states, including virginia, colorado, and the all important ohio. he declared victory to an ecstatic group of supporters in chicago. the president was joined on stage just like four years ago with the first lady and their two daughters. >> shortly before that, governor romney addressed a crowd of disappointed supporters. they both said in their speeches that now that the election is over. it is time for republicans and democrats to work together. >> at a time like this, we can't risk partisan bickering and political posturing. our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the nation's work, and the citizens have to rise to the occasion. >> you elected us to focus on your jobs, not ours. in the weeks and coming months, i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together. >> president will return to washington fresh off of election victory this afternoon. >> democrats will continue to control boellingt of virginia's senate seats. tim kaine defeated george allen by 6%. he will
better rethink this game. >> joel: what a game. this place is electric. west virginia really starting to believe in themselves. that's something dana holgorsen said that had left this team the last four games. the four-game losing streak, first four-game losing streak since 2001 here in morgantown. right now they believe they can win this game. you can tell. the confidence right now from west virginia is palpable at home. >> craig: west virginia has not lost five in a row since 1986. they kick away. that ball pops out. clay recovered it at the 21 yard line. >> joel: there was some confun about what happened on the penalties. i want you to watch up here on the sidelines for oklahoma. a bystander, the official is going to be running, jogging with the play, and gets knocked over. both of them hit the ground. that's what the infraction was. and what moved the ball all the way down inside the 10 yard line. he was only a couple yards off the sidelines. you got to be all the way back off that white, all the way back behind the line so the officials can roam and do their job. that's what that
of the few remaining undecided. host: the first call comes from frank in burke, virginia. caller: thank you to c-span. i want to talk about the balance in fairfax county, the most populous county in virginia. we have electronic and paper. they are outdated and they were supposed to have been disposed of five years ago. yet the options of paper or electronic when you go to vote. they're not just for emergency. guest: sometimes paper is better. i know it's not environmentally sound, but the more i look at the the ballot questions, the more i am always attracted to paper ballots. they are simple. as long as they are carefully guarded -- and that's always a problem in certain areas of the country -- they can be superior to these fancy machines. i salute you for being vigilant. i think people on both sides need to be vigilant. people have to have confidence in the results. although i would also caution people against too many conspiracy theories. i've heard them on the left hand on the right. i guarantee, whatever party loses on tuesday, it will take until wednesday noon for the conspiracy theor
rally in the state of virginia featured governor mcdonnell. they were for senate candidate allen. he was a failure of a president whose reelection would be bad for virginia and bad for the united states. doesn't matter which side you look at if you take governor christy's view that president obama is the savior for new jersey or that he's an absolute failure. the fact is an act of god couldn't bring democrats and republicansing to in this country. that's why we need an independent in congress. >> congressman cicilline. >> thank you for hosting this debate. as this campaign comes to a close i want to thank the people of rhode island who shared their ideas with me in this campaign and their time. one of the things i continue to hear from so many is frustration. there is no question washington is broken. folks feel like the system is rigged against them and they're right. big oil and big business have too much power in washington. we have to fight for the middle class. middle class families have been hollowed out in this recession. nearly 60,000 people in rhode island are out of work. t
thomas, our campaign manager, thank you. he is a loyal and trusted leader,-- >> former virginia senator george allen defeated today. tim kaine is the winner. it has been a long, hard campaign. >> it is a very closely watched senate race in the country. they are going to be replacing jim webb. we have been watching this all night long. >>> we will win this election. we will finish what we started to 2008 and remind the world why the united states of america is the greatest nation on earth. >> this is about america, the can you be the we love. it is in trouble. it needs our help. we are going to take it back and make sure is that america remains the hope. >> a challenger aim to go stop him. it's been a long road for him. >> if you think the government is bed holden-- >> speeches. >> it took the president 14 days. >> he did call it an act of terror. >> i am sorry, i-- >> they had spins. >> turn out to vote for me. >> and now finally the voting by us and our neighbors to choose a president. >>> this is 9 news now. good evening on this election neat. what seems like the longness next
in florida too close. virginia too close. pennsylvania that will be a close one, one way or the other. in new hampshire, that is a state that favored for barack obama but too early to call, but alan on that idea of how much time you give to turn things. >> it is what you focus owe had an economy that was in terrible shape, caused somewhat under the bush administration. he should not get total blame. neil: a lot to blame him, a good plurality say, you know -- >> this was due to the housing market. that started problem quite frankly dramatically under the previous mr. clinton,. neil: community reinvest. , we raised to 50%. >> we started out 10%, and it was raised to 50%. that is what caused it, not just the banks but government intervention. but back to jobs, you say job is number one problem you do not spend your time on health care, that not adding jobs. neil: part of the thing in exit poll, a lot of people like this healthcare. a lot of them like it. >> they may like it because they have not yet paid for it but they will pay for it businesses have to pay more money for it you will have to pa
and the battleground state of virginia -- they may bill final campaign stop at the jiffy lube pavilion in bristow, outside the nation's capital. this is about one hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello bristow. >> hello. i am glad to be back in virginia. i want to thank congressman connolly. i want to ask you to make sure tim kaine wins this election on tuesday. [applause] it was great to hear the dave matthews band again. [applause] as you can see, i have given my voice in the service of my president. [applause] i have the honor of introducing the president tonight in setting up his speech. i want to tell you that four years ago when he ran both hillary and i worked very hard. we did together over 100 appearances. i am much more enthusiastic about barack obama's election tonight then i was four years ago. [cheers and applause] there are five simple reasons. first of all, in at time torn by idealogical warfare and partisanship, he has the right philosophy. the president knows that we are all in this together. that works to the other than "you are on your own." [applause] he knows th
today. >> former virginia governor tim kaine and his wife ann cast their ballots in richmond this morning. he was in line just after 7:00. he'll spend the day stopping by polling places in richmond. he will go to the marriott to await election results. >> george allen cast his ballot before the s came up in alexandria. he will spend the day at several precincts in virginia including loudoun and springfield. allen will be at the omni hotel in richmond. >> here is what you need to know. all voters in virginia and some first time voters in maryland will be required to show some form of identification. there were at least 30 forms of valid id including a card from your employer. poll opening and closing times are different from state-to-state. virginia polls stay open until 7:00 tonight. d.c. and maryland close at 8:00. >>> we have more on virginia and why voters are willing to wait in long lines to cast their ballots. megan mcgrath is live. i know the lines are long. i could hear you telling people, it's okay, they are moving, they are moving. you are out there keeping people in
of western maryland and into west virginia. in the dark blue areas, the 20s. it's in the 20s most of maryland, most of virginia, and the eastern shore. except right near the bay waters and the tidal potomac where temperatures are in the mid-30s right in the waters. it's going to stay cold this morning by 6:00 a.m. temperatures still in the 20s. and then by noontime by the lunch hour, we'll be in the mid-40s. sunrise in the 20s to 30s. by sunset at 5:02 we'll be down into the low 40s. i'll return in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. your first 4 traffic this tuesday morning. good morning, danella. >> good morning, tom. >>> still getting information on the accident along prince william parkway at balls ford roadblocking the intersection. it is involving a tractor-trailer. for now you cannot get past that intersection. avoid it if possible. check things out on i-66 if this is your commute this morning. not bad at all. outside clear as well. here's a live look at glebe. no issues to report. if you're taking the rails, i'm check them. so far they're running with no reported delays. eun, back o
to virginia for 2 rallies including a stop a george mason university that also have thousands waiting in line. then from dulles to ohio and on to manchester where kid rock rome -- warmed up the crowd with a song that has become romney anthem. then mitt and ann romney took to the crowd with thunderous applause. >> he is losing his voice but he just told this ground that it was here in new hampshire where he started the campaign. >> thank you so much. maryland voters make decisions question for asks voters to decide if the children of undocumented immigrants should be allowed to pay in state college tuition. question since -- 6 as about six mayors. question 7, and a casino in prince george's county and its f table games should be added to existing casinos. >> george allen will visit several polling stations around the state before may -- before heading to an election night party in richmond. tim kaine voting in richmond. he will then head to several places before heading to a richmond hotel where he watched the returns. voters in virginia will be the first in our area to get to vote today. >> b
it to montana after throwing an explosives at three different homes in virginia on tuesday morning. he is said to have been caught while driving with stolen license plates. he reportedly tossed firebombs at the police who were chasing him. he was arrested and no one was hurt. a news conference is taking place tonight and we will update you on abc 7 news at 11 >> 5 days until the election. after a few days off the campaign trail because of sandy. president obama is back in campaign mode. mitt romney was in virginia. >> i was going to surprise you. we're here at the obama field offices on columbia. lots of volunteers making phone calls and look who is here calling motors. charlie got a surprise fong call from none other than former secretary of state madeleine albright. this is part of the get-out-the- vote effort that you are saying across virginia as obama and romney both candidates wanting to win here in battleground virginia. today, mitt romney spent his day focused on virginia with stops in three areas. our chant is this, five more days. little time left, the campaign trail has been tricky
with about 10 reporters this morning. from states like ohio, nevada, and yes, a virginia. separation of just a point or two. this morning one more opportunity to get in some last- minute campaigning. he stopped by a field office in chicago. shortly after he talked to me about this level of confidence. >> i have confidence that the votes are there for us to win. we have a great organization, unbelievable volunteers. i think it is as good of a grass-roots organization as we have ever seen in politics. i hope people do not sit on the sidelines. >> would you do something differently? >> i think overall we have brought a race that i can be proud of. obviously, -- we have run a race that i can be proud of. obviously, i should of had a few more cups of coffee before the first debate. other than that, i feel very good about the work that we have done. >> is this going to be over tonight? >> one way or another, we will have a winner. it may spill into the morning but i am pretty confident. >> it is unusual to hear the president himself pushed this message. it was to make sure that if you are in line
in virginia. a lot of folks on the ground getting out to vote. we had just over 600,000 over this weekend alone. 5.5 million contacts overall. behind me is project orca going on. we can communicate with people on the ground and get real time information about polling. there's a lot of momentum. a lot of enthusiasm and we're excited as we watch like everyone as. the candidates are out for one more last round of campaigning. so we'll be excited to come back and enjoy a victory this evening. >> in speaking with robert gibs from the obama campaign, we know the president is doing a couple interviews today but then he will watch the results come in with his family. governor romney on the other hand is in those battleground states this morning. pennsylvania, ohio. what's the message today on this final day? >> well, the message is first of all voters do have a choice and this past four years, it's been an indication we can't afford four more years. we need real recovery. and real change. we need somebody that has real leadership. big vision that will bring this country together. but also kick st
of those states or in virginia yet. another big battleground state, but let's look at the polls that the presidential race map as it stands right now. the state that you see in blue, the state of vermont, is the president's first win today. mitt romney, we project, will be the winner in indiana, kentucky, and in west virginia. the states that you see in white are states where the polls had now closed, but we do not yet have enough information on which to base a projection. as we were saying, mitt romney has just picked up the state of west virginia. now, you may be looking at this and saying, wait a minute, that shows us that none of the vote has been counted. how can you say that mitt romney has won west virginia? well, all of our cbs news projections tonight will be based on the vote that has been counted and also our exit polling. we have been talking to voters in all of these states all day long as they've left the polling places and based on that exit poll information, we will project winners in these states and we will do so only when we have complete confidence in that pr
a game. this place is electric. west virginia really starting to believe in themselves. that's something dana holgorsen said that had left this team the last four games. the four-game losing streak, first four-game losing streak since 2001 here in morgantown. right now they believe they can win this game. you can tell. the confidence right now from west virginia is palpable at home. >> craig: west virginia has not lost five in a row since 1986. they kick away. that ball pops out. clay recovered it at the 21 yard line. >> joel: there was some confusion about what happened on the penalties. i want you to watch up here on the sidelines for oklahoma. a bystander, the official is going to be running, jogging with the play, and gets knocked over. both of them hit the ground. that's what the infraction was. and what moved the ball all the way down inside the 10 yard line. he was only a couple yards off the sidelines. you got to be all the way back off that white, all the way back behind the line so the officials can roam and do their job. that's what that penalty was called on. >> craig: landry
virginia and florida but they like the signs they are seeing everywhere else. >> what do you think of what you're hearing so far. >> i'm really excited about it. i'm not surprised. i think obama is going to take  it. >> who do you think it means for the country tomorw, for the next four years? >> i think we can really move on. we need to move on. i think this penlt-up demand to move on no matter what and i really hope that the lawyers don't have to go in hyperdrive and we can come together and do what we need to do and that is, move on and be the united states of america. >> this is the night they have been waiting for and working for, they are celebrating tonight and very hopeful for another four years. we're live at the howard theater, back to you. >> tonight at 11:00 another term or another president? record turnout at precincts across our area today. in virginia some waited for three hours after the polls had closed to kass their ballots. >>> good evening, everyone, i'm >> good evening. we begin w doreen gentzler 11:00. polls have closed on the west coast. five more states have done v
to win florida, absolutely needs to win virginia, then ohio and wisconsin and a couple of over states -- a couple of other states. he basically needs to get the inside straight. guest: that is where the intervals really make a difference. in every case, every poll, state after state, national polls, sympathy is still on the republican side. the interesting thing about the current polls is that it shows the republicans have caught up in terms of turnout. our poll has 26% of democrats turning out, 26% of republicans turning out, followed closely by that but intensely, the republican side, which is where i put the edge in the other direction. host: it is almost as if president has a hub in ohio. ohio, florida, new hampshire. this morning from "the sunday morning -- sunday tribune review," from pittsburgh, pa., we know at 5:30 this afternoon, mitt romney will be outside philadelphia. his only appearance in the state before the election. what is going on in pennsylvania? guest of this is a real question about pennsylvania, -- guest: this is the real question, pa., like lucy and the footbal
of battleground states. in in just about 25 hours, the polls will be closing in virginia. and the latest numbers make it just too close to call there. giving a 2 point edge. showing president obama with a four point lead. over the last week and a half puts the president 3/10ths of one point ahead of his challenger. mitt romney spent a portion of his day stumping around while the democrats countered with joe biden in sterling. bruce was at 2 of those 3 events with more. what a day. >> the candidates now in an all out sprint for the finish and it is a measure of just how critical virginia is to mitt romney easy electric for al college calculus. he has spent 3 of the last 5 days here. and the experts say that president obama might be able to assemble annie electric for al college majority even without virginia. even republican analysts say for mitt romney, the odds are almost impossible without the commonwealth. >> one more day for thousands of romney supporters jammed into the patriot center. thousands more circled outside unstable to get in. >> if anyone following american politics wants to know
of virginia still in play. we wbe watching that throughout the night. 12 percent of precincts reporting, and right now, mitt romney has a healthy lead in a state of virginia, but again, virginia is a number of different demographics within one, so whatever precincts reporting, we do not even know yet. to decide where va would go is way too early. north carolina is important for us tonight. north carolina has been close throughout the evening and still is. 23% of precincts reporting. at some point we will have a call here, but not now. the state of missouri also to close to call, closing in just the last few minutes. a state of missouri to close to call in the early going, and the state of tennessee, the volunteer state with less than 1% of precincts reporting -- again, it looks lopsided. it is not. a number of other states just close. new jersey, oklahoma -- new jersey will be interesting throughout the night. electoral votes there. states that have closed where we made calls, which were absolutely expected. look at the red zone in dixie down there appear in mississippi, alabama, georgi
the blue ridge and into west virginia in the 20s. but the light blue area, you can see right around northern virginia and the district and the nearby suburbs hovering around 40 degrees. and reagan national at 43. we're going to stay cold for another couple of hours. hour by hour throughout the day today. winds picking up a little bit too, gusting to around 20 miles an hour. that will be happening later this morning and during the afternoon. sunrise, that's an hour earlier. back to standard time, 6:40 this morning. sunset, that's an hour earlier too. part of getting used to. 5:03 is the sunset today. it will be right back down into the mid-40s by then. i'll show you a hometown forecast in ten minutes. now let's take a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. >>> checking out the beltway for you now. if you're traveling the inner loop of the beltway at georgetown pike, a disabled box truck in the right shoulder lane. travel lanes are open. outer loop, still seeing paving taking place, blocking the left lane as you make your way towards new hampshire avenue on the o
of romney being an opponent of abortion. >>> virginia could be a huge player tomorrow. it is still a virtual tie. a new rasmussen poll shows mitt romney likely to win virginia, 50-48, but public policy polling released a new poll today that predicts president obama will win virginia 51-47 with the margin of error 2.5%, that's essentially a tie still. >>> someone will feel the sting of a loss tomorrow, but tonight both candidates seem to feel confident about a win. tonight we're talking with democratic strategist brendan daley and republican strategist jack burkman. >> i was out this yesterday canvassing in loudoun county with my daughter and we encountered a lot of enthusiasm among volunteers among obama voters, but there are also a lot of romney signs there. i talked with the obama camp today and they think they will win virginia in a narrow victory as well as nationwide. it will be very close on the popular vote, but i think obama will win the electoral vote in the 290o 300 range. >> a couple things. obama is still negative in virginia. he's negative in a number of swing states. romney has
for a little while. we will head over to the map right now. a lot of road work on the virginia side of the beltway. several were zones south of northbound 295. the extremely light volume of traffic heading to springfield. a tour of the traffic was closed overnight for construction. it will gradually start to open during the course of this hour. it really looking good right now. fortunately, no accidents or incidents. >> we continue to follow the relief efforts in the aftermath of sandy. the death toll continues to grow. the storm being blamed for at least 90 deaths, including two young boys who were swept away in new york. >> the total economic damage has run as high as $50 billion. >> the death toll continues to rise in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. search teams found the bodies of two little boys who were torn from their mothers' arms in staten island when the storm hit. entire working class neighborhoods destroyed in some parts of new york. some feel they have been forgotten. >> we are going to die. we are going to freeze. >> fema is doing everything it can to help. >> we wan
in the air, including ohio, colorado, nevada, wisconsin, and, of course, virginia, which he won narrowly. >> florida is actually considered too close to call. although more than 97% of the precincts are reporting, and president obama does have a lead in that state. the only state that obama lost this year but won in 2008 were indiana and north carolina. still, the swing state sweep gave obama a huge advantage, with experts calling the race in obama's favor once the votes for ohio came in around 11:30 last night. supporters joined both candidates as the votes came in last night with mitt romney's supporters in massachusetts and obama's supporters in chicago. >> that's where tracie potts is back with a look back on what ended up not being such a long night. >> reporter: we weren't even sure we'd have an answer for you this morning. they were major states outstanding early this morning when it was declared that president obama had the 270 electoral votes needed to win this very close race. a burst of emotion at the obama victory party in chicago the moment the race was called. and early thi
>>> polls have just opened in virginia. a long fought battle ground for both presidential candidates y president obama and republican challenger mitt romney made one last push for votes late into last night. >> we all deserve a shot at our own american dream. and when the cynicked said we cooperate, you said yes, we can. you said yes, we can and we did. >> you hoped that president obama would live up to his prom toys bring people together to solve the big problems. he hasn't. i will. >> we'll know whose promise has paid off as election day 2012 gets under way. >> and besides choosing the next president, there are many other portant decisions to make here at home. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. >>> straight up 6:00. this is a live look on this election day as pollling places have just opened there. we'll be continuing to follow that throughout the morning as well as other areas, maryland and d.c. as well. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. people starting to stream in. they are getting it out of the way
>>> in just a few seconds, polls open in virginia. voters among the first in the nation to cast ballots, and every vote could be critical in the toss-up states. >> the candidates fighting for votes until the very end. even as the polls open, the campaigning continues in a somewhat unusual move. republican candidate mitt romney holding campaign events today in ohio and pennsylvania. >>> the race for the white house takes top billing, but local ballots will be crowded with deviivisive issues and somewhat confusing questions this morning. good morning. welcome to "news 4 today" on election day, november 6th. >> you will want to bundle up in case you get stuck outside. temperatures plunged. 20s, 30s, all throughout the area. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here to break it down. >>> good weather for voting on this election day, 2012. thankfully, we don't have a lot of wind because it is freezing cold all around the region. those areas with aittle bit of laughter in western maryland and west virginia, down into the upper teens. el kins now at just 20 degrees. elsewhere, the
virginia y carolina del norte donde ha aumentado el entusiasmo para votar. >>> tenemos una masa crÍtica de voto latinos y porcentaje de voto blo vado. >>> este es el dÍa da desafio porque de acuerdo con el origen, cambian las preferencias al movimiento de votar. >>> hay Íntimas en relaciÓn al exterior a nivel nacional sabemos que el tema mÁs importante para votantes latinos es la economÍa y no la migraciÓn y la educaciÓn. >>> los estudios encuentra que la mayorÍa de los latinos le darÁ su voto a obama, pero este factor no lo llevarÍa a la reelecciÓn. >>> tienen que perder por mÁrgenes cerrados con blancos y ganar por mÁrgenes grande en latinos y afro-americanos. >>> ahÍ podria estar la diferencia reportera univisiÓn. >>> sandy cambio muchas cosas entre ella la forma de votar maÑana vamos a ver al tefrnmente para que usted puedan hacerlo. >>> sandy en new york, y new jersey allÍing a las autoridades a tomar medida de Último momento para que las personas puedan votar, en new jersey esta escuela con muchas mÁs han servido de centro de ayuda tambiÉn se transformÓ muy centr
that for a minute. >> yeah. >> a faint -- creating a bluff was two weeks ago. this is election day. virginia is razor thin as it gets. >> why didn't he go tova have? >> i think you should have been the campaign manager, tom. it would have been better to go to virginia, strategically, and the makiavillian sense than to pennsylvania. the odds in pennsylvania are much greater. virginia is the tightest swing state. if you think your presence means something, go to the state. it's the closest. they might come back and say well, virginia is 13 electoral points. we might lose ohio, which is 18, pennsylvania's 20, we're going f broke. >> how much of a driver is this u.s. senate race going on between tim kaine and george allen in virginia going to be right now? early on, we're talked about whether the presidential race was going to affect the senate race. is the vice-versa happening here? >> and if barack obama -- i think tim kaine is running ahead of barack obama in virginia. he has coattails. if romney wins virginia and wins it by two or three points, i think george allen goes with him and i think
. >> polls in the commonwealth open an hour and a half from now at 6:00 a.m. in virginia, polls open an hour later at 7:00 a.m. news 4 is working for you as you had to the polls. any questions, check out the voting guide on >> as we check out the weather, the question isn't do you need to bundle up to vote today? it's how bundled up do you need to be? >>> thankfully, no wind. but we have freezing temperatures as we head out early under a partly cloudy to mostly clear sky. we have temperatures that have plummeted well below freezing. most of the region down in the 20s. good morning. now it's down in the upper 20s across most of maryland, most of virginia. right around the metro area. as we take a look at the forecast for today, we have high pressure under a mostly clear sky. you do need a coat to vote by 6:00 a.m. 40s by noon time. just a light wind but lots of sunshine. great weather for getting out to the polls. i'll be back in ten minutes with the hometown forecast. danella here with a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. >>> let's talk about road work in the
. >> we have seen packed voting precincts from florida up to maine. battleground virginia is the most packed. brianne carter is in leesburg. >> people here know this is important. we have seen long lines here in leesburg but throughout northern virginia. through this building and they tell u more than 1600 people have already cast their ballots. people know just how important their vote will be. after months of listening to president obama and governor met romney, it is finally decision day. >> i think it will be very close. >> this morning, romney was back in his home state of massachusetts to vote before heading to ohio and then pennsylvania for last-minute campaigning. >> i feel great about ohio. >> vice president joe biden was in home in delaware to vote before heading to chicago to meet up with the president who voted last week. >> i am feeling pretty good bet of the latest polls in key battleground states including ohio iowa, and virginia show the presence with a slight lead. in loudoun county, voters know the impact of their votes. >> there is such a good turnout. >> in 2008 ob
. polls in virginia close at 7:00 eastern with north carolina the subject of the battle for ohio and parts of florida behind. they close at 7:30. the results will come fast on on battleground states indicative of how independent voters ultimately all voters will decide this race. as tight as they have been nationally, four years ago president obama became the first democratic and 44 years to win virginia. going into election day today, virginia's 13 editorial votes are considered to be in play and virginia remains a state both campaigns deemed critical to the editorial college victory. governor romney's path to victory narrowing considerably without virginia. sending the first lady for last-minute rally yesterday. the home of this year's democratic national convention and the 15 editorial votes could easily move to the republicans. remember two weeks ago the obama campaign aide claimed the president had given up on north carolina. the two met campaigns have spent $170 million on campaigning in ohio. a romney victory could mean a president so-called midwest firewall is cracking. ohio is so
for a very heavy dose of flova. the view from the ground florida, virginia and ohio. here's a look at the president's schedule. romney's schedule, looks like he's making some time for the key stone state. and the vice president stopping by "hardball" tomorrow night. we're locked up right here in democracy plaza. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter too? what? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. thanks. [ male a
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